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Where Gods and Mortals Dance is largely character-driven, so its story isn't so much about the dialogue that relays the plot,
but the interactions of these people shaping the story itself. That said, in order to understand what's going on,
you really have to understand who these people are. That's why this page is here.
AGE: 17
HEIGHT: 5'11"
If it's one thing special about Caleb, it's that he isn't. He is the most out-of-place character in the whole story,
a sole lover among a cast of fighters. Lucky him, he happens to be one of the most central characters, as well.

Caleb's something of an awkward kid. He lives too much in his head, dreaming big and dreaming often, but never
coming out of the clouds to realize those dreams. When his hometown is flooded by a giant tidal wave, the thinker
realizes he must act to ensure his family's safety, but his involvement with a suspected terrorist group have put
him in way over his head. He's found himself depending on the goodwill of people whose intentions he can't take
for granted.

Grey magic is focused mainly on a psychological effect, altering a target's mind to believe themselves to be in a
certain state, putting it right up Caleb's alley, in theory at least. In actual practice, he doesn't carry quite
enough confidence in the spells to see them through to their full effect, and depends more on the branch's smaller
time/space altering repetoire. He carries a Bo, but knows how to use it about as well as your buddy knows kung fu
after watching a bunch of Bruce Lee movies. In his hands, it's essentially a big stick that he's still learning
to speak softly with.
AGE: 46
HEIGHT: 6'1"
A man with such an understanding of how the world works, he can do practically anything. But such
understanding has hardly come without cost. Thomas' life has been a path of adversity to adversity. That he's
still alive itself is a miracle, the fact of how well-adjusted he came out of it is outright incredible. It's
needless to say he looks a good deal older than his forty-six years.

He left the priesthood after fifteen years due to what was described as "a crisis of faith." The circumstances
are unclear. he doesn't discuss them often, only saying he'd made a terrible mistake and had to put it right.
The next few years found him teaching high school English, where he gained a reptation as a kind eccentric among
his students and an and indomitably stubborn among the faculty. In his free time, he still searched for answers.

Two years ago he supposedly found them, or decided to make his own. Jury's still out, all that's known is he left
his teaching job and formed the Humanist's League, pulling various information and subversion gig's that would
eventually lead to his branding as a terrorist in the public eye. Rumors of angels and demons have haunted his
words, but the message he's put out in his ominous broadcasts is clear: political tensions are on the rise; the
bubble is waiting to burst.
AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 5'9"
Iris is a woman-shaped bottle of potential, just waiting to be realized. Jacques has had her put through an
enormous amount of training, most notably her years at the Swordfighter's Academy in Mystôn, in anticipation of
her eventually succeeding him. He formally adopted her thirteen years ago after her parents' deaths. She saw the
whole thing. Never quite gotten over it.

Granddaughter of a legendary swordsman, Iris has had a sword in her hand since it was strong enough to hold one,
so at the tender age of eighteen she's more than formidable, on paper at least. She unfortunately lacks the
experience to crucial to understand how best to apply her talents. Give her a few years to grow up, to ground
herself better on this earth, to figure out how she's gotten where she is and where she's on her way to, she could
best Jacques himself.

She's very confident, or at least will lead you to think so. Aggressive when she's not apathetic. Playful, but
prudent. She and Caleb have a kind of unspoken thing. He knows it, she knows it, but neither of them have acted
on it. Yet. Word is she's waiting on him to make the first move, but she's getting impatient.
AGE: 39
HEIGHT: 6'3"
Thomas' hard life by no means ended with him. His brother Jacob may be pretty well off as the pirate-thief Jacques
Lerosse, best known swordfighter living now, but it took some rough-goings to get there. A thief from the age of
sixteen, Jacques now heads one of the most prominent guild in Gliss, one he built from the bottom despite numerous
rivalries, piling legal troubles, the death of his partner and his subsequent adoption of the former's daughter.
He's come a long way.

He may be absent-minded or stressed at times, but a strong sense of adventure at drives everything he does. His
financial and political resources are seemingly inexhaustible. In a bind, he is always a good friend to have.
AGE: 72
HEIGHT: 7'2"
Favorhem is one the the highest ranking officers in the Insectine military. A sometimes advisor and
old friend of Emperor Roché himself, Favorhem has no lack for power. But it isn't power he wants.
It's peace of mind.

There's something wrong with the Emperor lately, and no ones knows it better than Favorhem. He would go to the
ends of the earth for the Emperor's sake, but there are things lately he's had to that are downright...monstrous.

The only way he can deal with what he's had to do is by drowning it. He keeps himself so numb with drink that he
doesn't have to think about it anymore. Sometimes it helps. And sometimes he wakes up and realizes that he's
become a bitter old drunk who's too impotent for his own good.

But he can't argue. After all, the emperor's rule is law.
AGE: 27
HEIGHT: 6'3"
James is an elf. He doesn't look it, he doesn't act it, about the only concrete evidence to the fact are the
ears, but, well, there they are. If there's one thing life has taught him, it's to not let tradition get in the
way, never be afraid to break the rules. He's taken it to heart. He's seen too many elfin traditions; they lack
the style and humanity at the root of his character, they lack the heart. Always crashing in the same car, never
learning to swerve. Instead he opted for a new career in a new town.

James thinks exponentially faster than most people, so he's learned to understand and anticipate how others will
react, both physically and socially. It's how he learned to fight, seeing other people do it, Feather especially.
It's how he learned English and his quaint cockney accent. He's picked up things he's seen from others here or
there and combined them to create who he is. But he always hung onto himself, never lost his ego. There is no
other quite like him.

Being able to anticipate what another will do has obvious advantages in a fight, and James has the physical speed
to follow through on it. As a marksman, with a sword, or even hand-to-hand, he's a worthy threat. Ask him how to
dodge a bullet sometime, he'll show you. As a strategist he can be clever, though not exactly prudent; he has a
bad habit of following up on a decision he knows will end badly just to see what will happen.

Socially, these skills are just as handy. Understanding a person's personality quickly enough that at times he
will know a person better than they themselves do. He balances that gift by being boh shrewd and brotherly. You'd
usually never know if he's trying to play you or help you until the end without having an actual understanding of
your relationship with him. He has a bad habit of plotting hiw a conversation will end as soon as it starts and
leaving people in the dust when he's not giving them a play-by-play.
AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 5'6"
Behind her abrasive personality, there really is a good heart. Somewhere. Supposedly.
Mostly all you'll see is the cynical, bitter and vulgar woman on the surface. Of course, being from circumstances,
it's hard really to blame her.

Her silver eyes have a special property beyond their unusual color, in that looking at them will show the viewer a
reflection of exactly whatever it is that person doesn't want to see in themselves, usually an unpleasant memory, a
shameful thought, cruel intentions, what-have-you. Feather doesn't see it herself, but the people who do find it
reason enough to disassociate with her. In some situations this can cause problems, which led her to numerous
troubles growing up. She eventually discovered that wearing glasses dampened the effect, allowing her to control
it in a way.

A hardened fighter, Feather's exceptionally skilled in various martial arts. She's deadlier unarmed than with a
weapon, and highly resourceful. Balanced with that, an exceptional proficiency in magic makes her a terror on all
fronts, assuming she can keep herself stable and in her right mind. She has a tendency to get carried away, in a
fight, trying to sleep or just keeping thirst at bay. She's very good at what she does, but the way she does it
isn't very nice.

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