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Where Gods And Mortals Dance is a character-oriented dark fantasy centered around a former priest's efforts to protect a world caught in the middle of the war between heaven and hell.
It's a celebration of humanism and rock n' roll ethics told in the form of a thinly-veiled superhero comic, if we're being really honest with ourselves. Of the variety of perspectives it's told through,
the most prominent is Caleb Glade's, a young man whose connection to the whole ordeal is mainly indirect.
Some elements of the story and characters have been with King since he was thirteen. They've been stripped down, reworked and retooled until late 2004, when they finally found their proper
form of expression. They don't really resemble the original ideas much. You'll thank us for this.
The script and layouts are something of an experiment in winging it. We know where we're going, but you get to find out alongside us how we'll get there. This is at the same time frightening and exciting.
We can't wait to see how we do things next.
Kingston Callahan Rockwell is a twenty-something storyteller living in Savannah, Georgia. He taught himself how to draw entirely by reading and making comics,
starting when he was seven, growing up in Bellingham, Washington. Some guys that have had a major effect on that front include Scott McCloud, Will Eisner, Sam
Kieth, Michael Allred, Jeff Smith and Charles Burns. King only wishes he was good enough at visual surrealism to throw Jim Woodring in that list.
King's not in art school, he's never even had an art class (well except that one time when he was twelve), he doesn't do this full time and has never gotten paid for it;
instead, he's wishing he was a bartender while working as a produce clerk. He does this purely as a work of love, a story he wants to share with you.
He doesn't believe in taking life too seriously, since you'll never get out alive; that taking the right frame of mind to an inconvenience can turn it into an adventure;
and the only rule he knows of is "God damn it, you've got to be kind." He thinks everybody can be a pretty cool person if you look hard enough, and he'll tell you all
about it over coffee and cigarettes.
C.F. Barber inked pages 9-11 and 13-22 on chapter one and we love him for it.
Kyle Toothaker inked pages 7-10, 12-15 and 17-19 of chapter four, and we love him for it, also.
Everything else was done by yours truly.

© 2005-2010 King Rockwell
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